Family Law

  • Comprehensive legal services in marriage dissolution matters
  • Legal services and representation in proceedings for regulation of relations to minor children for the time before and after divorce (awarding custody of a minor child, alimony ascertainment, including its increase or decrease)
  • Representation in proceedings for regulation of contacts with minor children
  • Settlement of joint property of spouses
  • Contractual modification of joint property of spouses (preparation of backgrounds for notarial records for extension or narrowing of joint property of spouses, regulation of administration or also time of arising of the joint property of spouses)
  • Legal aid in connection with the exercise of the so-called status rights (ascertainment of paternity, denial of paternity) and with the exercise and performance of parental rights (custody of minor children, representation of minor children, administration of their property)
  • Child support to be provided by the spouse/divorced spouse

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