Mass administration and recovery of receivables

Mass administration and recovery of receivables

On the basis of our long-term experience in the field of recovery of receivables we have built up a comprehensive system for administration of receivables and claim management which we ensure in all their phases, i.e. out-of-court, court as well as execution stages, in firmly specified time intervals according to the client’s requirements in such a way that all phases can follow up to each other fluently and without any delays.

For achievement of an optimum management of administration and recovery of receivables we use dedicated software developed specially for these purposes, which we are able to fully technically adopt to the client’s receivables and to the specifics of recovery of claims and receivables registered by our clients. We have a system ensuring a consistent electronic database of relevant data to each individual claim and we are able to provide a regular data transmission of information to the client in an electronic way in all phases of recovery through secured servers (FTPS) or in another way preferred by the client.

The takeover of a receivable in our administration includes, among other things, also assessment of recoverability of the receivable for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of recovery of receivables. Thanks to the regular import of data conducted in the insolvency register into our information system, we are virtually at once informed about the published information concerning insolvency proceedings and we are able to use this information purposefully to the benefit of the client.

In the course of the entire process of recovery the client’s debtors have a possibility of contacting us through a call centre with the professionally trained staff ready to explain to them the legal grounds of origin of the receivable, to propose methods of solution of debt settlement, i.e. especially to agree upon a payment schedule, agree upon conclusion of an out-of-court agreement, etc. In all phases of recovery, the process is supervised by the lawyers, who are responsible for an absolutely correct and legal procedure during the recovery of receivables. If it is requested by circumstances of the case, it is a matter-of-course that the appointed lawyer acts with the debtor personally, already from the moment of takeover of the receivable.

In all phases of recovery of receivables we consistently endeavour to defend the client’s reputation and good business relations of our clients. To ensure maximum effectiveness of recovery of receivables we regularly assess the state of the recovery procedure, we process the data collected in a statistical way, and depending on the client’s interest we are ready to provide regularly prepared statistics reflecting the processes and viewpoints preferred by the client.

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